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Full Detail Deluxe package Starting at: 

Small Car & Truck (2 door-smart car) $40.00​*
Mid-Size (2 door car)                        $69.99*
Mid-Size (4 Door Car) Sedan           $99.99*

Full Size Large 4 Door SUV             $129.99*

Extended cab full size truck             $174.99*

*Prices may vary due to extra dirt etc.. or be  discounted for  Cleaner Vehicles, Distance to job, price will vary. DELUXE Detail Package  applies to above cars and prices. 


​​Personal  Touch  Mobile  Detailing  L.L.C.


​Fleet service available

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You want the feeling of a new car, but don´t want spend hours waiting at a detailing shop? Personal Touch Mobile Detailers in Ft. Myers and surrounding areas comes to you. Here´s how it works: you get in touch with us and schedule an appointment. Then we come to you and detail your vehicle on the spot (wherever you are). We are a Fully contained operation with water and electricity. Our main priority is to impress with our results, convenience and customer service.

Additional Services Available:
 Headlight Restoration: $25 a Headlight
Leather Conditioning: Free with package 

     Discounts for 2 or more vehicles.

weekly, monthly, and bi-weekly services

​​​ Birthday and Christmas Gift Certificate Available!!